Gulshan's Full Story

Yesterday we read about how Gulshan's love for dance forced him to leave his education........ Let's see what happened next

Me: After leaving your graduation mid way how did your parents react?
Gulshan: In the beginning they were angry since I am their only son, they had all their hopes with me and they wanted a good career for me, but I persuaded with them to allow me to take dance as my future, and convinced them that with some training and hard work I can achieve more, and for this I needed their support. And by God’s grace they are fully supportive of me now. And since past six years I am spreading happiness through my dance.
Me: Yes, I guess when you are happy you give a whole hearten
Gulshan performing with his team
 performance and that shows. Gulshan, I must say I see your name featuring in the list of college dropouts celebrities, though I prefer my students to at least enroll themselves into the graduates list. You just want to be a dancer?
Gulshan: No, not just a dancer, but a great choreographer as well who people will remember for ages and also, I want to make my parents proud of me and make them realize that I was not wrong.
Me: Do you want to say something to other Gulshan's also?

Gulshan: Yes, I would say everyone should take a chance before giving up on their dreams, so that when they grow old they should not have any regrets.... Ki kaash hum ne thodi aur koshish ki hoti. And also I would say ki apne parents ko bhi thoda time dena chahiye hamara decision accept karne ke liye kyun ki unko hum se bahut ummeedein hoti hain, aur jab hum unke against kuch karte hain to unko takleef hoti hai. But eventually they being parents will become your greatest support in your struggle, jaise abhi mere mom dad hain. At last yahi kehna chahunga ki bina zid kiye bhi apni baat manwayi ja sakti hai.

Me: Hmmmmm!!!!! That's right. Wish you all the luck in the world. Gulshan. Aur jab famous ho jao to pehla interview hamein hi dena.
Gulshan: Thank you mam. Yes definintely.

So, dear friends bina lade bhi jung jeeti ja sakti hai.  Here comes to an end another story. Thank you for  reading. Will be back soon.