Chillar -- Change .....A Metamorphose

Hi All

Hope you all are in  good health. Many changes have happened financially,personally and politically since my last blog. I don't know how this change has affected you all. In fact, it has really affected or not. But, my life has been on a roller coaster ride. It's like...been there, seen that. Many times thought of writing about some event or some happening that I have witnessed, but what really interests me need not engross somebody else. But, I really feel some things touch all of us simultaneously and we can relate to it at once.

What prompted me to write this post is ..... the current happenings in each of our lives, at least mine. Yesterday, we went shopping at Begumpet Lifestyle,  We both were super excited as we had plans for the whole day and its been a while since we both went out. So, the story is, we went, in the parking section a man came and directed my husband with parking. His style was so good I couldn't help noticing. And to top it all I even commented saying, "Siraj aaj tak kisi ne aap ko itni achi tarah direct nahi kiya", Siraj, till date no one had directed you in such an animated way. 

Anyways, we entered the shop, selected our products, at the cash counter my dearest hubby asks me,I don't have any "chillar", change, to give for the parking, do you? And I started repelling, because, whatever "chillar" I had, I removed from my clutch thinking, "husband ke saath hai, mujhe paison ki kya zaroorat?" I am with my husband, why will I need any money?.  And my mind reacted within fractions and I replied ask the cashier to swipe a rs.100/-, extra and give us cash. We had already done this at a medical shop, and that good man, understanding the situation did oblige. But, this cashier here bluntly refused saying "Chote shops mein dete saab aisa, bade dukaanon mein koi nahi deta", they may give in small shops sir, but no one will give in big shops.

I don't know how many of you have faced this situation, but for me, I was thinking of ways to pay that man there, who was standing in the scorching heat to earn a living. Then I suggested my better half, they might have paytm. Even he agreed and we got near our car and called out the guy. And told him, "bhayya cash nahi hai, aap ka paytm number hai to bolo," brother we do not have any cash, tell us your paytm number. And that man promptly said "KOI BAAT NAHI SAAB, AAP AGLI BAAR AATE NA JAB DEDO, BEES RUPYE KOI BADI RAQAM TO NAHI". IT'S OKAY SIR, RS. 20 IS NOT A HUGE AMOUNT, YOU CAN GIVE ME WHENEVER YOU VISIT NEXT TIME.

These words coming from a daily wager did surprise me. I have seen elite people travelling in big cars argue for Rs. 2/- , saying "kaiku chodna?, why should we leave?, and here, a man's reply left me gaping. This chillar has always taught me valuable lessons. Baba always insisted to carry some extra cash, some change, whenever we leave home, saying "kab kya zaroorat padti nahi maloom bete", when will need arise we cannot say. But to err is human. Long back when I was in my intermediate, we used to have exams on sundays, though I had a pass, but they used to give us student pass after march and these passes do not apply on sundays and holidays.One such sunday baba gave rs. 100/-, and I left home with those 100 bucks. During those days ticket from nalgonda * roads to dilsukhnagar was rs.2.50. Got in the bus and looked for the change to buy ticket.

And to my dismay had only rs.1.50, so handed over 100 bucks to the conducter. He said "chillar do", give change, I said "chillar nahi hai", I do not have any change. He told the driver to stop the bus, and asked me to get down. I was thrown out of the bus because I did not have re 1/-,but I had 100 bucks, the rest was a long walk on a hot sunday morning with overflowing tears. After that incident I never stepped out without any money but this demonitisation has really set us back. We are tried for our own money.

Recently read somewhere, "AUQAAT DIKHA DI EK CHOTE SE DARWAZE NE ... LIKHA THA ...ZARA CHUK KAR CHALIYE!!!".Just like that auqaat dikha di is chillar ne ki kitne hi cards kyun na hon, aur kitne hi  rs. 500, 2000 ke notes kyun naa hon jab tak chillar saath naa ho insaan bebas hai. Hope you will agree.

The hero of this post
A big salute to this man and many more kind hearts who go unnoticed. And let's try to be grateful to Almighty for such people who make the world a better place to live.
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Have a nice weekend. And take care.