Patience is the Key ........

Here is another story of being patient and waiting for the right time.

A calm, obedient, sincere and shy boy, this is how I would define FAISAL HUSSAINI, in front of anyone. There was never a disturbance or mischief from this lad. But when I saw his pictures on facebook I was taken aback considering his interests. If one would have seen him during his graduation, none would believe this cute looking chocolate guy has interest in one of the beautiful creatures - The Horse
My talk with Faisal was very interesting, seemingly because he had never spoken to me during his graduation.
Faisal with Jasmine

Me : Assalamu Alaikum Faisal
Faisal : Walaikum As Salam Mam
Me: Faisal I had never imagined you to be in company of one of the fastest animals.
Faisal: Mam, I had interests in horses since I was 4.
Me: That’s news to me. How did you start liking them?
Faisal: Horse riding is in my genes.  My great grandfather was a famous rider of his times. Basically we are from Iraq. My great grandfather had migrated to India. After him no one in the family was interested in horse riding. But, since the age of 4, I was keen in this, but my dad did not oblige.
Me: Why did your father not allow?
Faisal: Keeping in mind the importance of studies, he thought it would affect my career. Hence he was not ready at that time.
Me: Ok, then when and how did you get the permission?
Faisal: After seeing my SSC results, on the condition that my studies should not be affected, I got     permission to bring horse at home. And when he noticed that I am not neglecting my studies and       regularly attending my tuition classes, and I was also getting good percentages, he was impressed and started getting involved with me in taking care of my horse. And at times more than me, he would care for them.
Me: Nice names. Do you just have horses or …….
Faisal: I have many pets, I have  dogs, hens,pigeons,swans  and turkeys and I really love to spend time with them.
Me: Thank you faisal for sharing your views with us.
Faisal: My pleasure mam.

Here comes to an end another story of being patient and waiting for the right time to pursue ones dreams. Till I get another story, take care.


mohd zubair said...

What a inspiration story.. Got a new desire to have pets in my home specaiily 1 stallion ...thanks for the inspiration Faisal Hussain ..provide an opportunity to visit your farm to look your pets zoro and jasmine