Love for dance

Some say a degree is just another piece of paper, but it holds true for some of the celebrities who never made it to their graduation day! With a passion and desire to make it big in the glamour industry, some of them managed to rise and shine without any educational qualification. Amir Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar,  Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck, are to name a few  though the list of College dropout celebrities goes on, I am here to talk about one such potential who goes by name Gulshan Anand.

What makes his story worth reading is the ups and downs he faced and how his struggle has been made easier now.

Me: Hi Gulshan
Gulshan: Hello Mam.
Me: Gulshan I know you as Yuvita’s brother, and she is quiet famous for her dancing skills, and I was invited for one of your dance concert at Ravindra Bharati, that is how I know you. Tell me more about yourself.
Gulshan: My passion for dance took me to Dynamic Dance Zone 6 years back, I joined there as a student and by God’s grace the founder of the zone Mr. Amit Gupta was so impressed by me that he asked to teach in the studio. And since then I am teaching dance there and I have performed with teams for many shows and events, and I am also the in-charge for the main branch of the studio.
Me: That’s impressive. When was it that you realized that you want to be a dancer?
Gulshan: I had interest in dancing since I was a kid, but by nature I am an introvert, but when I was in 4th or 5th class, I couldn’t control my love for dance and started performing in cultural events at the school.

Me: At school level you were only into dancing?
Gulshan: No, apart from dance, I was also good at sports.
Me: Then why didn’t you choose being a sportsman?
Gulshan: I was more interested in dance.
Me: How was the environment at home?
Gulshan: My dad was a cashier at a garments shop, and just like every other father  wanted me to study well and get a good white collar job, and get settled in life. But, since the beginning I was an average student and had little interest in the studies.
Due to the pressure at home, I somehow cleared my higher secondary and joined graduation. But, it was high time for me. I couldn't continue anymore, and as I came into my final year I gave up my studies for my love of dance.

To be continued ……..