Its raining in Hyderabad !!!

Just when we start getting bored of our daily routine and start getting irritated about ourselves, something happens, which makes you feel life cannot get more worth living than this. When you have 1000 complaints about your life, out of no where you find 10000 reasons to thank about it. These are not just my experiences, hope everyone who is reading this at some point would have felt the same.

The Almighty has created this universe in such a way that there is no dull moment in ones life. Its just that you need to identify and realize it. In Islam it is said "In your father's Will lies the Will of Allah". So true if we try and go in the meaning of this statement.

How many of us give importance to what our parents say? How many of us do exactly as our father told us to?

Its always the mother who gets maximum respect from most of us. Most of us seek our mother's help when required. And never bother to understand if our father is denying us something there might be a reason for it. With all due respect to our mothers, would like to mention mothers think from heart and what they want is the moments happiness for their ward.

And fathers think about the future perspective. I know most of them would not agree. But, the fact is....... Fathers love their children more than the mother. They have the feeling of being complete when they look at their kids. Its the father who faces the hardships of life to give luxuries to his wife and children. Its the father by whose name you are known to the world. And still you ignore him?

Dear people, if not all, but  most of you would agree that the decisions your father has made for you, or forced you to take has yielded the best results. So what are you waiting for??????? Go thank the Almighty for blessing you with such great fathers and then your dads for bringing you in this world and making you what you are today...... Go give them their long due love which you couldn't because of whatever reason it might be.

And for those who are about to make decisions consult your fathers. They are the best advisers for you.
And I can proudly say that whatever I am today is because my baba made right decision at the right time. And hence I say .............

                                                                                      Its raining in Hyderabad .........