My hubby at his culinary best

The kneaded dough
 Its a blessing to have someone cook for you when you come home tired and hungry. 

A few days ago me and the other ladies of the house had gone shopping. And when we returned tired and hungry, unexpectedly had some surprise waiting for us.

My husband had prepared nice lunch for us. Everything from cutting the veggies, to kneading the dough and rolling out the chapatis was done by my man.

Its not like he doesn't cook. He does. One day when I and my brother in law were returning from kurnool, and was continuously receiving calls from my husband asking how far have we reached?

My husband frying chapatis
And when we reached home we were pleasantly surprised to see dal, chawal, papad and fried mutton waiting for us. We were overwhelmed as we had started the journey on empty stomach and had nothing during our 5 hours journey.

Don't go on the shape, the taste was awesome.
The lunch plate

My husband is a good cook, I came to know 3 months after our marriage. On my first birthday after our marriage, my hubby surprised me by making matar pulao and chicken khorma. I can say it was one of my best days. And I felt on top of the world.

Perhaps, I guess many of you would agree why its a blessing to have some home cooked food after returning from a hard day's work. Don't you? DO let me know your views by leaving comments.