Nartaki Abhivyakti...... Expressions Of A Dancer

I Wish All the Readers A Very Happy And A Prosperous New Year 2015. Since past few days, I was wondering there is no color on my blog.No, I am not talking of the background of my blog. Being a woman, I am only writing about men. And I had decided my next blog will feature a woman and that too a strong one. And after much request got one lady to talk to me. First of all I don't understand why people shy away from talking about their achievements? Their hardships? Their struggles? I guess, it will only make them feel better and also someone else might learn something from their experience. Anyways, I am starting this year with colors. That too brighter ones.

Neha Singh (NS) my ex colleague, from St. Joseph's, needs many adjectives to define her. She is a smart, good looking, classical dancer who holds two post graduate degrees to her credit. I am one of the lucky ones to have witness her live performance. Every act of hers was different from the other, be it laka laka laka from chandramukhi on annual day, or her welcome dance or shadow dance way back in 2011.I don't want to spoil the secret by revealing her title or her number of performances. You have to read on to know about her.
Neha Singh

Neha Singh
Me: Hi Neha, tell me about yourself.
NS: Hi Ma’am, I am a trained Bharatnatyam dancer.
Me: The Neha Singh I know was an Asst. Professor in the Department of Business Management.
NS: Yes, Ma’am. I did MBA, and joined St. Joseph’s, that is how we met. But, there’s a small tale of before and after.
Me: Shall we start then?
NS: Hahaha…. My passion for dance began as a kid when I used to dance in front of TV on bollywood songs. Then as I grew I started participating in school functions. Then my mummy after watching me take such keen interest in dancing, wanted me to pursue it as a hobby. And she only got me enrolled in Sri Rama Nataka Niketan Institute for Bharatnatyam at the age of 13 and I am still continuing.
Me: Then how did MBA happen?
NS: Ma’am, you know we are living in a society where qualification, status, bank balance matters a lot. And also our parents want dancing, singing, playing only to be hobbies not the profession of their children. Same here, my parents wanted me to complete my studies and have a professional degree to survive, that is how I did my MBA and consequently joined St. Joseph’s as an Asst. Professor.
Me: Hmmm….. I still remember our first encounter in the staff meeting, especially for your introduction. Do you remember how you introduced yourself?
NS: Hahaha…… Yes, I told Hi, I am Neha Singh, my dream is to open my own dance school.
Me: Yes, that was a shocker, not just for our colleagues but also for the Principal, because you did not tell your qualification, your department, percentage of marks or anything, directly it was your dream.
NS: Yes Ma’am, that was the time to fulfill my dream, I was stable professionally, and the time had come to accomplish my aspiration. And if at all I had anything on my mind,it was just my academy and my vision.
Me: This reminds me of our meeting after you left the job, where you told me that you were doing some course.
NS: Yes, I left my job after one and the half year because I couldn’t resist my temptation for dance anymore and joined Hyderabad Central University to complete my Masters in Performing Arts (MPA).Because anyone can teach bollywood style or western moves, but to teach a traditional dance form, one must be aware of the basic intricacies and detail as well. Then I did Zumba Certification. Perhaps that makes me a licensed Zumba Instructor .And you know, I am now eligible for a Ph. D in Bharatnatyam.
Me: WoW!!!!! That’s great. Tell me about your dream. How far have you come?
NS: Hmmm….. By Almighty’s Blessings and the support from my parents and husband, my dream has become a reality.  Today I am owner of SAINE – Institute for Classical Dance. You know, I didn’t open this Institute for doing business; my dream was to teach this art form to maximum people. I charge a nominal fee only because I have to pay for the maintenance of the place. Today, I may have few students but someday I may also give free tuitions to the ones who can’t afford a trainer but still want to learn this art. And I also take Zumba sessions.

Neha during her laka laka laka performance
 Me: Really applaud able thought. May almighty give you courage and patience. Tell me one thing do you provide a certificate?
NS: As of now I don’t give any certificate, but, I train my students to give exams in dance both theory and practical, after which they can opt for Masters. Actually these exams have two major levels, Certificate and Diploma. Certificate takes minimum four years of training, and Diploma six years.
Me: If any of our reader wants to join your Institute.
NS: They can visit me at SAINE – Institute for Classical Dance, Sainivas, Saraswathi Nagar Colony, Lothkunta, Secunderabad. In case if anyone wants to suggest something in writing or would like to enquire I will also give you my pin that is – 500015.
Me: Apart from managing your Institute what are you doing?
NS: I am working as a dance teacher at Delhi Public School since past six months, and I am also learning different languages, hoping someday I will perform on International Platform. So, I have chosen Spanish to start with.
Me: Hahaha….. Nice. Neha we have come so far and I still didn’t ask you about your performances.
NS: I have been a part of every school and college dance program, and won Inter College Competitions. I participated in dance competitions held by Osmania University and won for 2 consecutive years. I went till state level but couldn't continue further. 
Me: Any special performance, which is close to your heart?
NS: Yes, performance at Cuttack Mahotsav in 2013, I was felicitated with NRITYA KALA title for my contribution towards the classical dance form.

Me: Congratulations Neha, and I wish all your dreams come true.
NS: Thank You Ma’am.
Suddenly the blog seems so colorful. Thanks to Neha. 
A special mention of Yuvita who gave me a chance to talk to two beautiful people, Gulshan Anand and Neha Singh. Thanks Yuvi. 

So , If any of you wants to learn classical dance or zumba, you know where to head to. Until my next post stay safe.


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Yuvita Anand said...

Awesome ma'am:-) Great Job done :-)
Neha singh: m vry lucky to have you... Your Superb person and a very superb performer :-)

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Overwhelmed to see your achievements. All the best for all your future endeavours dii ��