Rejuvenating Drinks - Part 2

In the previous post I could only write about the basil seeds soaked water. In this post I will give you an insight into how it can be used for making different types of cool drinks in the confinement of your home and for all the members of the family suiting their needs and requirements just by one teaspoon of seeds. You can also soak them in bigger pots and add if you are expecting guests.

So here we begin with the first one.
Squeeze half a lemon and add salt/ sugar / honey and drink it as your first drink in the morning.

Add our favorite roohafza with a dash of lime and some sugar and here you have a nice drink.

Or add few spoons of tang to make a different glass.

Or simply add Glucon-D to make it more appetising for your child.

 Or make a plain barley water more interesting
You can also prepare a glass of buttermilk/ lassi using these seeds.

So you have a variety for all the members of your family 
and also when your guests arrive you have something for everybody that not just looks good but also tastes good.

All the drinks placed together and left for your family to choose from.

So go on and try and impress everyone. We can also carry the bottle to our work place . These seeds remain fresh for 24 -36 hours after soaking.

Do let me know if you happen to try this out.