Rejuvenating Drinks

Dear Readers

All this while I was waiting for some people to spare some time for me and share their success stories, but as you all know everyone's got busy and hardly has any patience to go through rigorous question and answer routine. Hence couldn't post anything for so long. Anyways let us see if someone comes forward. But meanwhile there is a twist.

Recently all my cousins and few friends have started requesting me to share my cooking videos. Since it is not possible for me to shoot videos alone ( as my hubby is busy with his office and I cook either before he gets up or while he is gone). I decided that I will take step by step pictures of my dishes. I know there are a lot of sites and blogs on cooking, but mine will be different. My dishes would be simple and will consist of everyday menu which can be prepared by using simple ingredients which can be found in each and every Indian house.

In this regard I am starting with a simple rejuvenating drinks which can be prepared at home. Though I make these drinks mostly during Ramazan and weekends (as we have guests visiting us mostly on weekends), you can make them daily for your kids and also for yourself. They are a change from your aerated drinks. And can be prepared easily using our home ingredients.

So here comes our first recipe.

Rejuvenating drinks: 

The main ingredient for these drinks is just one : Basil/ Sabza seeds.

Basil / Sabza Seeds

These are also called as black pearls because of their color and beautiful texture they get when they are soaked in water.

Just one teaspoon of seeds are enough for 1 litre of water.
Add these seeds to a bottle / jug/ pitcher of water and leave them overnight.
 I f you are in an emergency you can use them within an hour of soaking as they gain size quickly but these seeds are known for their medicinal properties and we can benefit maximum if they are left untouched for a night.
They help in keeping the body cool during summers and can also ease bowels.
Children can also drink and is much better than aerated drinks and above all the drinks are being made by their lovely mothers under hygienic conditions.

They look like this the next morning

We can simply drink this water plain or add a lemon juice with salt/sugar/honey.